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- Shredded Wheat Supermarket sampling

iD created a 12 week front of store sampling campaign for Shredded Wheat across the UK to target consumers directly at point of purchase.

How it worked

  • 12 week sampling campaign across 142 Supermarkets including Sainsbury's, Tesco's, Morrisons and Asda
  • Branded pop up stand located at the front of each store to help attract consumer attention
  • Brand Ambassadors on hand providing tasty Shredded Wheat samples whilst educating consumers about its added health benefits
  • Money off coupons handed out to consumers to incentivise purchase in-store

The Results

  • 779,661 samples distributed (99.8% of target)
  • 268,200 money off coupons distributed
  • Positive incremental sales uplift of 367% across Tesco stores during and post activity
  • Incremental sales uplift of 227% across Sainsburys stores
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