- Energy Tour

iD developed a 43 day guerrilla tour - a creative and interruptive experiential sampling campaign.

How it worked

  • A core team of 15 brand ambassadors who lived and breathed the Mountain Dew lifestyle, sampling across the UK, visiting 23 cities and events in a customised Mountain Dew Energy truck
  • Consumers battled it out on the Mountain Dew Energy Bottle Boarding Boxing Challenge against their mates to win branded T-shirts and top the Facebook leader board

  • The Morph Suit Mischief Maker embodied the brand personality and caused a stir with consumers

  • A mini replica remote control Mountain Dew Truck heckled passers-by and delivered samples in a unique way

The Results

  • ROI of £1.85 for every £1 spent

  • 55% of those targeted went on to buy – 37% were new purchasers

  • 41% that purchased switched from a competitor brand

  • 1000% uplift in Mountain Dew Facebook timeline interactions
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