- Incredible Slacklining Experience

A fully immersive slacklining experience to educate consumers about the ASUS Laptop range.

How it worked

To tie in with ASUS’ ATL campaign we created a 3 week, truly immersive slacklining experience in Bluewater to capture incredible people doing incredible things.

  • Professional slackliners performed incredible tricks to draw consumers to the stand
  • Consumers were encouraged to try slacklining to win ASUS laptops
  • Highly trained brand ambassadors educated consumers on the technical capabilities of ASUS products – almost impossible to achieve effectively through traditional marketing channels

The Results

  • 89% of engagers were likely to tell someone about ASUS
  • 3,500 laptop demonstrations over 17 days (27% above target)
  • 2,500 slackline competition entries (93% above target)
  • 1,500 slackline photos (77% above target)

Client Testimonial

“It has been a pleasure to work with iD Experiential once again and I feel like this activation is an evolution of both our ATL and previous experiential campaigns. The activity at Bluewater was great, our consumers enjoyed the slackline experience and the opportunity to get up close and personal with our incredible laptops”

ASUS Marketing Manager

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