- In search of incredible

iD activated the world's first touring laptop orchestra for laptop manufacturer ASUS, as part of their ATL strategy, 'In Search of Incredible.'

How it worked

We created the world’s first touring laptop orchestra.

  • 8 ASUS laptops acted as musicians in an orchestra which could be mixed by consumers to create unique arrangements,showcasing the incredible sound of the N55.
  • Housed on a clear sided truck the installation toured shopping malls and high footfall areas for 6 weeks across London and the South East
  • Break dancers drew attention to the activity bringing the brand personality to life, allowing brand ambassadors to educate consumers on the laptops, and encourage engagement with the orchestra

The Results

  • The N55 laptop sold out in all of the targeted areas throughout the campaign
  • 98% of consumers rated the experience as excellent or good with 79% saying they would be very likely to buy an ASUS laptop and 55% increase in positivity to the brand
  • Winner of Silver FMBX Award in 2012 for Most Effective Interruptive Experience

Client Testimonial

“This was the largest branding exercise ASUS has ever undertaken. Not only was the laptop orchestra a great creative idea to bring to life the N55’s USP, but the guerrilla nature of the activity meant it offered superb value for the huge reach we achieved. This campaign has paved the way for future experiential campaigns to build our brand in the UK”

Marketing Manager, ASUS

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