- Experience the Zen Zone

iD created the Zen Café Zen Zone, a pop-up experience that toured Universities and City Centres.

How it worked

The experience featured multiple interaction points:

  • Unique floating laptop displays that emphasise the Zen Book’s key benefits such as lightness and performance
  • Brand ambassadors served herbal tea to consumers that tweeted from the stand
  • A Skyline photo mechanic to drive Facebook engagement
  • A mini Zen garden to provide an oasis in the city
  • A customised shipping container was styled as a Zen garden to highlight the stress-free nature of ASUS products

The Results

  • 10,500 consumers entered the Zen Zone over 5 weeks
  • 89% of engagers were likely to tell someone about ASUS (benchmark 60%)
  • 5,600 laptop demos +56% from KPI
  • 5,500 social media interactions
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