Brand Ambassador Referral Scheme

Firstly, here’s how it works:


1. Introduce us to someone you know at a brand - it’s simple, you pass on their contact details and we’ll get in touch to introduce iD.

2. iD are then invited to pitch for business (as a result of your referral)

3. iD win the business

The Rewards:

1. If they’re interested in meeting us then your work here is done* You receive: £100

2. You receive: £250

3. You receive: £500


*Meetings must be qualified

  • A qualified meeting = a meeting with a decision maker or budget holder at a brand (or they have to at least work as part of the team that look after the brand planning/budgets)
  • They must invest in experiential marketing campaigns or large scale brand ambassador programmes

What’s the catch you say?

It’s pretty much exactly what it says on the tin, but for those that are still unsure, we’ve listed some friendly guidance below.


  • What do you mean by introduce?  Is a name and number enough?

An introduction simply refers to you passing on the name, number and email address of a brand contact. You must be comfortable with the fact that we will reference your introduction when calling them. Or if you would prefer to personally introduce us via email, then just let us know!

  • Who will book the meeting?

The meeting will be booked by Anna Jones, iD’s Business Development Director.

  • Do you have any promotional material for me to pass onto a potential client at a brand?

No, all we ask is that you refer them to our website to give them a flavour of what we do as a business.

  • Can it be a brand you’ve worked with before? Is there a list of people you already work with?

This incentive scheme does not apply to iD’s existing clientele – new clients only. Please refer to our website for a list of current clients/case studies. We work across a wide range of industry sectors and disciplines. Here are some example clients; Nespresso (luxury home appliances), Xbox (gaming & tech), Britvic (Soft drinks), and Unilever (FMCG & household products).

  • Is there a limit to the amount of times I can introduce someone?

There is no limit; all we ask for is good quality referrals.

  • How is the reward (incentive) paid?

You can either opt in to have the bonus paid in cash or as a voucher of your choice. Please note that all cash bonuses are taxable and will be paid in the relevant monthly salary.

Ambassadors must not be subject to any disciplinary action at the time of payment.

To qualify for any payment, you must still be engaged as an Ambassador on our Company books.


If this sounds like an opportunity that’s too good to miss, then simply get in touch with iD’s Business Development Director, Anna Jones:

Anna Jones | | 0207 428 1461 | 07778 106 093

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