Here at iD we're all about the people and we truly appreciate the hard work and dedication demonstrated by our iDOLS across all of our client campaigns. In recognition of this we have set up a range of different initiatives to ensure that our staff are rewarded for their hard work. These include:

  • Sales commissions
  • Product incentives
  • Annual award schemes


We have launched 4 new award categories, including:

  • Event Manager of the Year - this award is presented to the top performing Event Manager or Assistant Event Manager who has worked consistently across any experiential roadshow or sampling campaign
  • Outstanding Newcomer of the Year - awarded to the most impressive newcomer to our family of iDOLS
  • Sales Superstar of the Year - awarded to the top sellers across our retail demonstration campaigns 
  • iDOL of the Month - The prestigious 'iDOL of the Month' prize is awarded to individual Brand Ambassadors that have gone above and beyond, delivering excellent results across their campaigns.


iD deliver regular training workshops for our top performers, to enable you to become the best you can be. These range from:

  • Event Manager training
  • Specialist sales training
  • Customer engagement training


To find out more about the next Event Manager Academy then please get in touch with the team.



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